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Turn your competitors into your partners
FACT:    the overall traffic from irc and other chats to adult is around 7000/day. 
Qestion: How much of that are you getting? 300 hits a day from IRC? 
FACT: NOT ENOUGHT. Dou you agree? 
Question: Can you get more? 
Question: Why my hits are low? 
ANSWER: (Obviousely) there are too many advertisers. 
Question: So how do I increase traffic to my sites by advertising in chats? 
ANSWER: Join our program. 
Question: How does our program work? 

Link exchange. + Aditional advertising in the chat. 

We will place your link on our irc-trading list and you put a link of our list on your site. Plus You will setup a timer (like every other member of the list) to display the URL of the list in the chat rooms/channels. You can set a timer to display it once in 5 mins or 10 mins it is entirely up to you. The other members of the IRC list  (including myself) have the same rules as u do. So lets pump up some traffic to our pages.  

Note: there are no banners on the IRC list. It is designed for increasing traffic from chats only. 

Turn your competitors into partners.

  • Increase your traffic.
  • Turn your competitors into your friends.
  • Advertise your page while you are off line.
  • Comming soon: auto op on major channels.
We are looking for Channel/Room operators to join the program.  
We will give you the chance to place 3 links on the list. And you will ban other advertisers unless they join the list. 
It is in your and their interests anyway, so start making money from irc advertising now. 
New proposal to all members (or would be members): 

We should have a number of trading channels operating just for us: We, the members of The list will be the ops of the channels. And we will not allow other advertisers to send their messages to our channel. We will ban them, or make them join the list. And we will auto op all the nicknames listed on the right column of the list. 

Pleas see the IRC list for the list of channels where the member will obtain auto op.

Help your partners and they wont forget you.

If you would like to join the IRC list email me ASAP.
Use this address to report any cheaters, make sugestions,
submit your urls etc. Any responce is wellcome!!!